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Ze-Nian Li

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Wang Yan

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PhD Students

Guang-Tong Zhou

Minlong Lu

Mehran Khodabandeh

Mostafa S. Ibrahim

MSc Students

Lei Chen

Zhiwei Deng

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Mengyao Zhai

Yatao Zhong

Undergraduate Students

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Year
Kevin Cannons 2013


Name Thesis Title Year
Guang-Tong Zhou Toward Scene Recognition by Discovering Semantic Structures and Parts 2015
Hossein Hajimirsadeghi Multiple Instance Learning for Visual Recognition: Learning Latent Probabilistic Models 2015
Arash Vahdat Weakly Supervised Models For Recognizing And Clustering High-Level Complex Events In Video 2014
Nataliya Shapovalova Towards Action Recognition and Localization in Videos with Weakly Supervised Learning 2014
Tian Lan From Flat to Hierarchical: Modeling Structures in Visual Recognition 2013
Hamid Reza Vaezi Joze Estimating the Colour of the Illuminant uing Specular Reflection and Exemplar-Based Method 2012
Mani Ranjbar Optimizing Non-Decomposable Loss Functions In Structured Prediction 2012
Weilong Yang Discriminative Latent Variable Models For Visual Recognition 2012
Yang Wang Learning Structured Models For Human Actions And Poses 2009
Zinovi Tauber 2007
Cheng Lu Removing Shadows from Color Images 2006
Hao Jiang Successive Convexification for Consistent Labeling 2006
Ye Lu Automatic Object Extraction and Reconstruction in Active Video 2005
Jie Wei Foveate wavelet transform and its applications in digital video processing, acquisition, and indexing 1998
Frank Tong Reciprocal-Wedge Transform: A Space-variant Image Representation 1995


Name Thesis Title Year
Jinling Li Road User Detection and Analysis in Traffic Surveillance Videos 2014
Yasaman Sefidgar Discriminative Key-Segment Model for Interaction Detection 2014
Amir Bakhtiari Detecting Pedestrians Using Motion Patterns: A Latent Tracking Approach 2013
Peng Peng Capturing Structural Distortions In Digital Images And Videos 2012
Jianqiao Li Continuous Depth Map Reconstruction From Light Fields 2012
Zhi Feng Huang Latent Boosting For Action Recognition 2012
Pengfei Yu Image Classification Using Latent Spatial Pyramid Matching 2011
Ferdinand Stefanus Automatic Pedestrian Detection and Tracking with a Multiple-Cue Max-Margin Framework 2011
Bo Gao Exemplar-Based Human Interaction Recognition: Features And Key Pose Sequence Model 2011
Bahman Yari Saeed Khanloo Combining Simple Trackers using Structural SVMs for Offline Single Object Tracking 2010
Jiawei Huang 2009
Mohammad Norouzi Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Feature Learning 2009
William Ma Motion Estimation for Functional Medical Imaging Studies Using a Stereo Video Head Pose Tracking System 2009
Alireza Fathi Human Figure Tracking using Motion Exemplars 2008
Maryam Moslemi Clustering and Visualizing Actions of Humans and Animals Using Motion Features 2007
Cristopher Johnson Responsive Video-Based Motion Synthesis Using Motion Graphs 2007
Andy Rova Eigen-CSS Shape Matching And Recognizing Fish In Underwater Video 2007
Payam Sabzmeydani Detecting Pedestrian in Still Images using Learned Shape Features 2006
Chao Chen Illumination invariant image enhancement 2002
James Au Object segmentation and tracking using video locales 2001
Jian Wang Motion-based object segmentation from digital video 1998
Fred Chin A spatial-temporal analysis of matching in feature-based motion stereo 1993
Danpo Zhang Display performance of graphic interface with geographic information systems 1991
Kevin Tate A multiresolution approach to range-guided stereo matching 1990
Benguang Yao On extending the generalised hough transform 1990

Michael King
Dinesh Ranganathan
Simon Ren
Dennis Richards
Ekim Sahin
Qiang Song
Bing Yan
William Zhong